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Tegolit terrechiare 200

TEGOLIT TERRECHIARE 200 is a version of TEGOLIT PLUS 200 where the exposed surface has a polychromatic coloring, mainly "clay-tile red" against a straw-yellow background obtained using the same production technique used for the "INTEGRALE" version.


Tegolit terrechiare 200

Technical characteristics

Profile: 5 waves pitch 200/60

Requirements: compliance with
UNI EN 494

Certification: ITC - Construction Technologies Institute Technical Approval no. 587/02
Installation: Technical Documentation T-05 EDILFIBRO It 02 Manual
Thickness: 6.5 mm nominal
Weight: 13.5 kg/m2 approx.
Width: 105 cm - effective layed 100 cm
Lengths: 120 - 165 - 220 cm


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