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Tegolit integrale 200

TEGOLIT INTEGRALE 200 is a version of TEGOLIT PLUS 200 where the exposed surface has a refined polychromatic coloring that blends several hues, mainly reds and browns. The inner face of the sheet is "clay tile red", an interesting solution that meets the need for a visible, "non grey" surface inside the building.

The coloring of the TEGOLIT INTEGRALE 200 sheets is the result of research performed in collaboration with the Department of Building Engineering and Territorial Systems - DISET - of the Politecnico of Turin, coordinated by Prof. R. Nelva.


Tegolit integrale 200

Technical characteristics

Profile: 5 waves pitch 200/60


compliance with UNI EN 494

Certification: ITC Construction Technologies Institute Technical Approval no. 587/02
Installation: Technical Documentation T-05 EDILFIBRO It 02 Manual
Thickness: 6.5 mm nominal
Weight: 13.5 kg/m2 approx.
Width: 105 cm - effective layed 100 cm
120 - 152 - 183 - 213 - 244 cm


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