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Tegolit plus 235

TEGOLIT PLUS 235 is a version of the "Tile underlay sheet" TEGOLIT PLUS 200, designed to meet the need to support roofing tiles which are more than 20 cm wide, found in some places in Italy. TEGOLIT PLUS 235 offers a great many pluses that make it possible to:

  • lay alternate clay roofing tiles, even in double layers (channel and ridge);
  • create roofing with slopes from 15% to 100% and even more, ensuring that the tiles are connected with

The TEGOLIT PLUS 235 profile corrugation is 60 mm high and presents 235 mm distance from ridges, even where side overlapping is used. TEGOLIT PLUS 235 comes in "clay-tile red" with color achieved by impregnating a layer of the mass with stable mineral oxides. The working width of the sheet is 940 mm.

ProfilE TEGOLIT plus 235

Tegolit 235 plus

Technical characteristics

The working width of the sheet is
940 mm.

Profile: 4 waves pitch 235/60


compliance with UNI EN 494

Technical Documentation It 03
Thickness: 6.5 mm nominal
Weight: 13.5 kg/m2 approx.
Width: 98 cm - effective layed 94 cm
120 - 152 - 165 - 220 cm


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