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Tegolit 235

TEGOLIT 235 is the natural grey version of TEGOLIT PLUS 235, specifically designed for refurbishing the roofs of architecturally important buildings for which installation of double layer (channel and ridge) roof tile is required. When installation of double layer clay roofing tiles (channel and ridge) is required, TEGOLIT 235 must be used upside down (external face with felt impression).

ProfilE TEGOLIT 235

Tegolit 235

Technical characteristics

The working width of the sheet is 940 mm.

Profile: 4 waves pitch 235/60

Technical characteristics Requirements:

compliance with UNI EN 494

Technical Documentation It 03
Thickness: 6.5 mm nominal
Weight: 13.5 kg/m2 approx.
Width: 98 cm - effective layed 94 cm
120 - 152 - 165 - 220 cm


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