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Plafonit and Plafonit colore

This is a ribbed PVA cement sheet designed for functional, inexpensive installation of ceilings in industrial and agricultural buildings with limited inter-support distances without showing any signs of bending, even with the usual light-weight insulation. The profile alternates flat portions with ribs: pitch 208 mm, wave depth 21 mm. The supports at the heads must be at least 3 cm wide and it is best to block each individual sheet with ceiling clamps, available as accessories.

PLAFONIT sheets are normally supplied in natural grey; however, upon request, they can be colored with a wide range of tints, normally in light hues.

ProfilE Plafonit e Plafonit COLORE

Plafonit e Plafonit colore

Technical characteristics

Profile: pitch 208/21

Posa in opera:

Documentazione Tecnica
PLAFONIT 3 - 02/It 10

Thickness: 4 mm nominale
Weight: 8,0 kg/m2 ca.
Width: 106 cm - effective layed 103 cm

Lengths: from 0,10 to 0,40 - from 0,41 a 0,90 - from 0,91 to 1,00 - from 1,01 a 1,09 - from 1,10 to 1,22 mt


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