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Dolmen and Dolmen colore

These ribbed PVA cement sheets are designed for the construction of large ceilings with large inter-support distances without showing any signs of bending, even with the usual light-weight insulation. The high performance is made possible by the profile that alternates flat portions with ribs: pitch 355 mm, wave depth 64 mm. The design of the profile arranges for longitudinal overlapping of the two terminal, descending waves, thus providing greater stiffness. The supports at the heads must be at least 5 cm wide.

DOLMEN sheets are normally supplied in natural grey; however, upon request, they can be colored with a wide range of tints, normally in light hues.

ProfilE DOLMEN and dolmen COLORE

Dolmen and Dolmen colore

Technical characteristics

Profile: pitch 335/64


Technical Documentation EDILFIBRO DTY - 03 - 04

Thickness: 6.0 mm nominal
Weight: 11.5 kg/m2 approx.
Width: 114 cm - effective layed 105,7 cm

Lengths: 200 - 225 - 234 - 244 - 250 - 275 - 290 cm


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